V I  W A Y


small and simply GPS tracking program for WinCE

download the free demo version

donate 3 EURO to get the full version

  • shows current GPS data (Date, Time, Lattitude, Longitude, Altitude, Direction, Speed, maximal Track's speed, total Track's length)
  • shows Compass while moving
  • shows current Track (Way) as a curve
  • writes Track's GPS data to the file "VIWay.txt"
  • possibility Zoom drawn Track (+ or -)
  • possibility drag drawn Track by your finger
  • works with Windows CE 5.0 and more
  • uses no maps
  • is small (about 30 KBytes exe file)
  • uses about 1% of processor's resources only
How to install VIWay:
  • unzip the downloaded file "VIWay.zip"
  • copy unzipped directory "VIWay" to any place of your Windows CE device
  • change ComPort number and BaudRate inside the file "VIWay.ini" according your GPS device
How to use VIWay:
  • run VIWay.exe
  • at the left Panel you will see the current:
  • Date (as dd.mm.yyyy)
  • Time (as hh:mm:ss GMT)
  • Lattitude (as ggmm.mmmm N/S)
  • Longitude (as ggmm.mmmm W/E)
  • T = Direction of moving (as grads, 0 grads is Nord)
  • A = Altitude (as meters)
  • V = Max Speed for all Track (as km/h)
  • S = Total length of all Track (as km)
  • 0 = Speed (as km/h)
  • at the top of left Panel you will see two small buttons "Z+" and "Z-" (they make Zoom more or less)
  • at the right side you will see a Track window with a Compass and Track's curve
  • Compass shows the real Nord when you are moving
  • Track is started from the center of window as a small green circle and is moving according your way. It is moving to the top of window when you are moving to the Nord, to the left when you are moving to the West etc
  • you can drag the Track with your finger
  • GPS Data is being written to the log file "VIWay.txt" while you are moving as:
  • Time (as hh:mm:ss GMT)
  • Lattitude (ggmm.mmmm N/S)
  • Longitude (ggmm.mmmm W/E)
  • Speed (as km/h)
  • Direction of moving (as grads, 0 grads is Nord)
  • Altitude (as meters)
Limitations for demo version:
  • demo draws a short tracks only (about 1000 steps)
  • demo writes not a log file "VIWay.txt" for the current track
  • Track's GPS data is being written to the file "VIWay.txt" inside the directory VIWay
  • the file "VIWay.txt" is created automatically every time when you start VIWay.exe. To save your last Track rename the file "VIWay.txt" or move it to any other place outside the VIWay directory
  • You can find ComPort number and BaudRate inside Docimentation of your GPS device or in Help for native GPS software of your device