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Your shareware PADs submitter with using an MS Access database 
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  • you can hold and manage all your PADs here;
  • you can edit, delete and add shareware Archives by yourself;
  • you can submit or update your PADs half-automatically to more than 800 Archives;
  • you can submit or update your PADs full-automatically to more than 130 Archives;
  • you can find presence of your PADs automatically in more than 500 Archives;
  • auto search of a category in a category-lists at Archives for you PAD;
  • auto filling of a fields "URL to PAD", "Category", "User", "Password", "Search", "E-Mail" at Archives;
  • you can add an unlimited text as a "Memo" for every Archive or PAD;
  • you can see Archives as a table and sort them by every of columns in a table;
  • you can select a lot of Archives in a Table by you Creiteria and start a submition for them;
  • you can select the Archives by a combination of fields:
    "autosubmittion is allowed", "keep it", "PAD is allowed", "need a password", "updates are allowed";
  • no limits for a size of your Memos for every Archive and PAD;
  • no limits for amount of your Archive- and PAD- Records in a Database;
  • do not need an MS Access installed at your computer;
  • simply and friendly user interface;